Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Summer,

Why have you been flying by so need to slow down just a little bit!

RECAP of Summer:
1st Week of summer - Went camping with Mark's family in Pine Valley
2nd Week of summer - Went to St. George to celebrate MARK's BIRTHDAY; nephew turning 12 & ordained to a deacon
3rd-5th week of summer - Worked half days at ATEC; worked in the garden (pics to come; deep cleaned (hasn't been done since we moved here 2 years ago); organized scrapbook stuff (need to start using it); and discovered the Lindon pool (love the lazy river); attempted to recover from a crazy 9 months of teaching (maybe too much, cause I have no motivation to get ready for next school year)
6th week of summer - Mom, Dad, Kelly and Brandon came Wednesday after the 4th. Dad and Mark went fishing, while us girls and Brandon explored Utah Valley and went to Mt. Pleasant for our cousins baby shower (so fun to see our extended family!)
7th Week of Summer - Worked 1/2 day at ATEC; Went with Kelly and Brandon to his yearly doctor appointments; explored the family history center with Mom and Aunt Cindy (That place is amazing and has instilled in me a desire to start researching my family history!); taking care of Brandon while Kelly and Sean go on a weekend vacation (Love the kid to death, but have a new appreciation for ALL that my sister does to care for him!)

Hoping that the rest of summer break will be as fun and full of adventures! Please be kind and bring me lots of sunshine and rest!


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  1. so that is why I haven't heard or seen you at all. I hope we can get together before the summer is over